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Pinsk district
executive committee
Mass media


Television channel "Variag"
Legal address: Pinsk, Karasev str., 6.
Contact phones: (+375 165) 36-42-77, (+375 165) 36-47-48.

  • Informational and news programmes of own production, touched upon economic, lawful, agricultural, healthy way of life, educational, sports’, youth’s, cultural and other questions are transmitted.
  • The entertainment programme "I congratulate" and the advertising programme "Teletext" are transmitted.
  • "Right lines" with heads of the district leadership are spent.
  • TV channel realises a retransmission of the programmes of channel RЕN-ТV (Russia).

Cable TV (individual entrepreneur S.N. Bugaev v. Parokhonsk)

  • Retransmission of programmes of TV Belarusian and Russian channels (BT, ONT, BST, RTR, REN-TV, ТNT, 1+1, ТК "Variag").
  • Treaties were concluded with "Our cinema" и "World of children".
  • Of necessity the "Right lines" with participation of heads of the rural executive committee and interested services of the Prokhonskiy rural executive committee are spent.
  • The programmes of own production are not transmitted.


Broadcasting system "Rural Pinshchina"
Contact phones: (+375 165) 35-18-48.
Time of broadcasting: Tuesday, Thursday – 6.25-6.40; Saturday – 8.10-8.30.

  • Reporting, plots, interviews of radio programmes bear public-political character.

Radio studio "Own radio"
Legal address: Pinsk town, Karaseva str. 6.
Contact phones: (+375 165) 36-42-77, (+375 165) 36-47-48.

  • Broadcasts daily – from 8 until 24 hours.
  • Almost all programmes of the radio have entertaining and advertising character.
  • Informational block "Own radio" consists of world news, taken from Internet and which are official information from world informational agencies.


Newspaper "Polesskaya prawda"
Legal address: Pinsk town, V. Khoruzhei str., 12.
Contact phones: (+375 165) 32-34-88, (+375 165) 32-32-75.

  • Information of population about basic events in life of the district.
  • Information of population about basic directions of local executive and administrative bodies’ activity.
  • Publication of materials in rubrics "Vertical", "Harvest 2004", "Healthy way of life", "Accomplishment", "Echo of event".

Newspaper "Variagpress"
Legal address: Pinsk town, Karasev str. 6.
Contact phones: (+375 165) 36-17-91.

Pinsk district
executive committee
225710, Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii str., 21,
e-mail: contact@pinskrik.by
Pinsk district
executive committee
225710, Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii str., 21,
e-mail: contact@pinskrik.by
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