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Pinsk district
executive committee
Deputy head of the District Executive Committee - Jideckii Sergei Stepanovich

Jideckii Sergei Stepanovich

Direction of a building complex and road facilities of the district, housing and communal services, transport and connection.

Coordination of the activity of state and economic bodies of the district on prevention and liquidation of consequences of accidents and acts of God, including the questions of liquidation of the Chernobyl accident consequences.

Phone: (+375 165) 31 70 90

Matters of:

  • Building and road building organisations of the district.
  • Project organizations of a building type.
  • Work of enterprises and organizations of railway, automobile and river transport, energetic and connection of all patterns of ownership.
  • Energy saving.
  • District board for capital construction.
  • State building control.
  • State industrial atomic supervision.
  • JSC "Pinsksovkhozstroy".
  • RUE "Pinskvodstroy".
  • Pinsk district telecommunication junction.
  • Pinsk district junction of post connection.
  • Pinsk branch of the RUE "Brestoblnefteproduct".
  • Pinsk district housing and communal services.
  • Society of life-saving on waters.
  • Commission on rendering of non-permanent gratuitous grants.
  • Housing commission of the district executive committee.
  • Commission on extreme situations.
  • District society of driving amateurs.
  • Commission on safety of road traffic.
  • Commission on accomplishment of district settlements.
  • Commission on liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident.
  • Coordination council on questions of minimization of the Chernobyl accident consequences.
  • Baths’ servicing of population.
  • Timely payment of wages in supervised branches.

Leading the activity of:

  • Department for construction, architecture, housing and communal services.
Pinsk district
executive committee
225710, Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii str., 21,
e-mail: contact@pinskrik.by
Pinsk district
executive committee
225710, Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii str., 21,
e-mail: contact@pinskrik.by
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