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Pinsk district
executive committee
Deputy head of the District Executive Committee - Polhovsky Dmitry Georgievich

Polhovsky Dmitry Georgievich

Direction of social and cultural complex and an informational work. Public relations.

Phone: (+375 165) 31 70 50

Matters of:

  • District centre of hygiene and epidemiology.
  • RUE "Pharmacy".
  • Department of the Fund of social protection of population.
  • District centre on improving and sanatorium-and-spa treatment of population.
  • Editorial staff of the newspaper "Pollesskaya prawda" and other mass media of all patterns of ownership.
  • Activity of bodies of territorial public self-government.
  • District council of senior men.
  • Public, children’s, youth, women’s and veterinary organisations.
  • The society "Red Cross".
  • The society of invalids.
  • District organisation of the society "Znanie".
  • Political parties and movements.
  • Interaction with trade union organisations.
  • Commission on minor’s affairs.
  • Coordination council on preventive measures against venereal diseases and AIDS, forming of healthy way of life.
  • Commission on struggle against drunkenness.
  • Commission on rendering of addressed social help.
  • Protection of material and intellectual heritage.
  • Commission on assistance to a control over execution of legislation about freedom of conscience and religious organisations.
  • Commission on improving and sanatorium-and-spa treatment.
  • Commission on organisation of a summer improving rest.
  • Council on informational and enlightener work among population.
  • Council on problems of family, women.
  • District draft board.
  • Commission on affairs of former partisans.
  • Council on coordination of work among population.
  • Observational commission.
  • Humanitarian help.
  • Timely payment of wages in supervised branches.

Leading the activity of:

  • Board for labour and social protection.
  • District territorial medical association.
  • Culture department.
  • Educational department.
  • Informational department.
  • Department for physical culture, sport and tourism.
Pinsk district
executive committee
225710, Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii str., 21,
e-mail: contact@pinskrik.by
Pinsk district
executive committee
225710, Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii str., 21,
e-mail: contact@pinskrik.by
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