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Pinsk district
executive committee
Prime deputy head of the district executive committee - Hvostyuk Yurii Ananevich
Hvostyuk Yurii Ananevich

tel. (+375 165) 31 77 03

reception (+375 165) 31 67 31

The leadership of agricultural sector.

The problems of production and recycling of agricultural production. Control over the realization of social standards on the servicing of the population of the region by supervised branches.


of general leadership on the fulfillment of the governmental programme on the rebirth and development of villages;
the provision of the population with products;
the council of agricultural enterprises of the region;
agricultural enterprises (agricultural industrial complex, JSC, farms), gardening associations  of the region;
boards of governing of agricultural administration and production;
the protection of labour and industrial relations at the agricultural enterprises of the region;
JSC «Pinsk combinat chleboproductov»;
JSC «Pinsk dairy plant»;
JSC «Pinsk meat-packing plant;
JSCО «Pinskraiagroservice»;
Private Unitary Enterprise «Agromashtechservice»
Unitary Enterprise«Pinsk enterprise of land reclamation system»;
JSC «Rybhoz Polesie»;
JSC «Pinsk mechtrans» and other regional organisations;
educational establishments of agricultural profile;
of Pinsk regional organization of public associations «Belarusian society of hunters and fishermen»;
of governmental establishment “Landscape wildlife preservation of republic significance “Srednya Pripyat” and “Prostyr”;
inspection of wildlife and plant protection ;
reformation of enterprises of agro industrial complex;
on-time payment of salary by supervised branches;

the organization of work with public appeals by principle  “One window”, the realization of the Decree №1 from 11.04. on “Consolidation of public safety and discipline ” and Decree №2 from 27.12.2006 on “Measures of further debureaucratisation of state organs ”, Decree №3 from 14.06.2007 “Economy and frugality are the mauin factors of economic safety of the Government” by supervised branches.

The realization of the activity by the leaders:

The governing of agricultural administration and supply.

Pinsk regional veterinary station;
Pinsk agrohimlaboratory;
Pinsk agricultural radiation laboratory;
Pinsk governmental inspection on seed farming, quarantine and plant protection;
«Pinsk interregional veterinary laboratory»;
Pins branch of the republican branch of agricultural unitary enterprise “Brestplemplant”, “Pinsk zoovetsnab”

Pinsk district
executive committee
225710, Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii str., 21,
e-mail: contact@pinskrik.by
Pinsk district
executive committee
225710, Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii str., 21,
e-mail: contact@pinskrik.by
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