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Pinsk district
executive committee
Head of Pinsk District Executive Committee

Igor Maksimovich

Direction of the district executive committee activity. Work with the personnel in the district. The head of the executive committee is a credit manager on expenses provided by a district budget.

тел: (+375 165) 31 72 10, (+375 165) 31 72 20
(+375 165) 31 66 70
(+375 165) 31 64 43

Matters of:

  • Realization of a state regular policy.
  • Work of rural executive committees.
  • Mobilization plans and civil defense.
  • Commission on coordination of the activity of administrative, law-enforcement, military, frontier and customs services.
  • District commission on awarding of work classes to the employees of state apparatus, its departments and boards, rural executive committees.

Interaction with:

  • District Council of Deputies.
  • Office of public prosecutor.
  • District court.
  • Pinsk branch of the Committee for state safety of the Republic of Belarus in Brest region.
  • Pinsk inter-district committee of state control in Brest region.
  • Inspection of the Ministry for Taxes and Duties in Pinsk district.
  • Customs and frontier services.
  • District military registration and enlistment office and military organizations.
  • Banks.

Leading the activity of:

  • Administrative department.
  • Department for internal affairs.
  • Financial department.
  • Department for organizational and personnel work.
Pinsk district
executive committee
225710, Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii str., 21,
e-mail: contact@pinskrik.by
Pinsk district
executive committee
225710, Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii str., 21,
e-mail: contact@pinskrik.by
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